Mailer Shape Boxes- A convenient carrier to send your valuables

Everyone likes to send valuables in a safe and secure packaging with minimal risk. Depending on the type of product, people pack their goods carefully in a carrier that can provide maximum protection and safety to their product. The most common carrier that is used for packaging of such products is the cardboard box. These boxes have a flat base and lid that covers the whole base along with the product to be packed. They also have two ear locks that prevent the box from opening and keep the inside items safe. The boxes are called ‘Mailer Shape Boxes or mailer boxes as well because they are mostly used to send documents, garments, photos and other valuables from one place to another.

Mailer shape boxes are made of thick corrugated board which is made by stacking up two layers of cardboard one over the other with flutes between them. These flutes have different categories and are used to add strength to the box structure. Flutes are categorized as A, B, C, E, and F according to the strength which are used by manufacturers after analysing the sensitivity of the product to be packed in the box. In mailer boxes, E flute is commonly used as it provides just the best level of strength which is required during shipping and transit. Thinking about the weight that corrugated stock adds to the box? The corrugated board doesn’t add any considerable weight; in fact you will find the final box structure light and easy to carry.

Mailer shape boxes are widely used by the courier companies all over the world. Not only that, increase in the e-commerce business in USA and Europe has also uplift the demand of these boxes. Mailer shape packaging makes the package look attractive which makes the recipient feels good about the inside product even before opening the box.  Whether you send your documents or a special gift to your loved ones, the outlook of the boxes can be customized accordingly. Customization of the boxes is very easy; one can do it at home or hire a company that can print the boxes for professional use. Just like a gift pack, you can add embellishing artwork on the boxes to make it look bright and attractive. Hence, these boxes can be utilized for any purpose with the help of customization.

Printing adds life to the outlook of any box and when it is custom printing, you can do wonders. Especially when your goal is to promote your brand and product, the custom printed mailer boxes are the way to go for you. They familiarize your product and business to the market and the targeted customers to help you emerge as a brand. Whether you use them for your e-commerce business, or for promotional products, these boxes can work perfectly to fulfil your business needs. Either you want to print a company logo or the product information, these boxes can highlight the best feature of your product by communicating through printed content. You can choose any color, printing design and finishing options during the customization process and convey a positive message of your business.  Apart from printing, you can make your boxes shiny and distinguishable by applying gloss or matte finishing on them. It will make the box glowing and will help to get attention of the passing by customers.

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