Many people confuse Custom corrugated boxes with cardboard boxes, but there are some added benefits to a corrugated box. Get Instant Printing, in its line of packaging materials, offers customizable corrugated boxes that you can use to do the dual function of protecting your product and spreading awareness about your brand.

To know any object well, you need to know where it comes from, what substances are used to make it and what the process for manufacturing it is. Custom corrugated packaging are made using corrugated paperboard that has a lot of air pockets inside it. They are made out of recycled materials usually and add to the strength and functionality of the packaging.At Get Instant Printing we use premium Kraft paper for our liners so that the finishing of the boxes can be flawless.

There are some reasons that elevate the quality of Customize corrugated boxes as a packaging material. The qualities that give it an edge over others are:

Corrugated boxes are the eco-friendly packaging material that you need. They do not create much waste. Most of the corrugated boxes are made from recycled material. Get Instant Printing features those that have the maximum amount of recycled paperboard in them. When thrown in the trash, corrugated boxes decompose sooner than other alternatives such as plastic or aluminum. These boxes can be reused as well as recycled.

Corrugated boxes maintain their shape even if they are used for heavy products. If you manufacture products that weigh a lot like pizzas or shoes, then corrugated boxes are the way to go. Due to their strength, they can be used for delicate items such as glass products as well. They can be reused as they are handy in packaging and moving things around.

Any packaging material needs tobe versatile. It should be able to be molded into a multitude of shapes. Corrugatedboxes due to the material and the air spaces, allow for this kind of flexibility and creativity. They can be shaped into covered boxes of various shapes and sizes.

Get Instant printing offers many different sizes for its corrugated boxes. We also have single themes that spansaround different sizes to keep your theme consistent. Corrugated boxes can fit any of your products no matter how big or small it is. This feature is attributed to the type of material they are made from.

This type of packaging is most often used for retail packaging. This is due to their strength that they can be stacked on top of one another. They also keep your product safe from damages from any external factor. These boxes are easy to assemble and the print quality that is seen as the output is great as well. This way you can fulfill your marketing goals as well.



There are multiple sizes, shapes, designs, and volumes of Custom corrugated boxes Wholesale that we have available at Get Instant Printing. We have flat boxes that you can use for pizzas etc. Our deeper boxes can be opted by manufacturers of shoes, Crockery items, glass items and many more.

We have boxes that have compartments available that you can use to store multiple items or flavors at one time. Coming towards the sizes, there is a range of those available. Most of our designs can be produced for different sized corrugated boxes.

Choosing the right type of packaging is very important for your product. There are many boxes that although may seem like the correct fit, that won’t be so. This is why we have designers and consultants on board that can help you figure out which Custom corrugated boxes London size and shape is best for your specific product.

Choosing the correct company for your packaging and printing needs is just as important decision as any other decision. Get Instant printing does not only offer easy customization to its clients but we also provide a wide range of designs that you can choose from. We have many themes available on our website that are bound to cater all sorts of product types.

To top that off our Custom corrugated boxes with Logo guarantee the safety of your product. We ourselves supervise the whole production and do not involve a third party into this. We are always willing for listening to any feedback our customers have as we are looking to improve our services.

As a printing company, we ensure that our print is of the highest quality and that there are no mistakes in the end product. Our packaging is easy to afford and we promise on-time delivery of our packaging boxes.