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Diffuser Boxes

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Diffuser Boxes


Diffuser Box

This box is an excellent way to package a cubic diffuser glass with reeds and diffuser oil. There is a display window on the front of the box giving a preview of the contents inside. Each diffuser box is made with a crash lock bottom, reinforcing the base ensuring nothing will fall through. Each box also includes two 'inners': one further reinforces the box and protect the contents; the second holds the cubic diffuser box in place and creates a divider for the diffuser reeds and bottle of diffuser oil. All boxes are available in beige, blue, green, pink, purple and white.

Customized your Diffuser Boxes

We offer a wide range of options to choose from. You can order your Diffuser boxes to be shiny or mat. Choose windows to reveal items inside for a more striking design or you can get boxes to be made of similar design like that of your cakes. Our customer satisfaction is guaranteed to which many testimonials are evidence. You can expect the finest quality of the boxes made of the sturdiest material for a majestic look that fulfills all your requirements.

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