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Get Instant Printing features folded visiting cards for people who prefer that version. There are many reasons to opt for a Folded Visiting Cards Printing UK. At times companies or people need more space to include all the information that they need to tell the receiver. If you feel the same, it is a good idea to go for the folded visiting card as it provides you an ample amount of space.

Another reason is that it looks stylish while placed on the desk. Many people want to create a more professional and elegant look by placing a Custom Folded Visiting Cards Printing UK instead of the standard visiting cards on their desks. Folded cards offer more space for customization as well as you can add other things such as appointment details on them.

As many people do not choose the folded visiting card, itcanhelp you stand out from rival brands or companies if you opt for it.


Around the world there are many companies that offer printing services. There are pros and cons to each of them. There are many reasons that we can list which would compelyouto choose Get Instant Printing as your printing partner, such as:


We offer a great variety of designs that are bound to have your clients attracted towards your company and products. Our designs, coupled with the folding of the visiting cards, will help you stand tall amongst your competitors.

None of our designs are too over the top or flashy. Instead, they are the epitome of grace and beauty. We understand that one design cannot be liked by everykind of person; hence, our designers have not only put together different templates but also various color schemes.


The quality of the material is what creates a good impression of the company. If your card’s quality isgood, it shows that youinvest wisely. This will help your prospective client to ascertain that you puta great deal of value into the quality of your product’s material and will hence guarantee a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Get Instant Printing takes the guarantee of its material. We ensure each printed card that you receive is of the highest quality that we offer. We also offer different types of finishes so that you can add on to the quality of material on which your cards will be printed.


Print quality is something that deeply concerns you and us. This is because we are a printing company, so we ensure that finalprint output is worth every penny of your money. Before we do any printing, we make sure to send you a digital proof of your design so that any errors can be avoided. This helps save up on both time and money.


Get Instant Printing wants to hear from you. We want to hear any feedback you have. We are open to listening to criticisms as well because we are constantly looking to improve. Our main goal is customer satisfaction, and Get Instant Printing actively looks into this matter.

Whether you have a concern about the design of your visiting card or our company as a whole, you are always welcome to let us know so that we can work on it.


As a company, we understand that you would rather buy visiting cards in bulk quantity and that is why we offer wholesale service for Folded Visiting Cards Printing London. We have market competitive rates and speedy delivery. We do not compromise on the quality of our product no matter what the quantity.

Our rates are some of the lowest in the market and our quality one of the best. If this is not a good deal, we do not know what is.


Customization is the key to creating your own set of visiting cards. As we offer Color Folded Visiting Cards Printing UK, there is even more space for customization. If you are an individual and want to make your visiting card, then you can customize it by adding the names of your degrees or by mentioning the times that you are available in the office. Similarly, if you are looking to make visiting cards for the company, then you can use the extra space for mentioning work hours, your services, or even addresses of different branches of your company.

Get Instant Printing provides you with the opportunity to do a variety of things with the space that you have on your Online Folded Visiting Cards printing service.

In conclusion, if you pick Get Instant Printing for your printing services you will not be disappointed. We provide you with one of a kind designs, high-quality material, excellent print, easy customization, and impeccable customer care at market competitive wholesale rates.


Get Instant Printing has customizable folded visiting cards available at cheap rates in various designs and customization options.