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Envelops are the primary medium of delivery of documents such as brochures, flyers, sales records, etc. They have a mainly protective function asthey need to keep what pages are inside them safe and sound until they reach the receiver. The other function of the envelop is to easily open, which can be ensured by making sure that the measurements of the flap and the Envelops Printing UK as a whole are precise.

Although they ended up losing their importance a few years back, people have lately started to realize just how important they are. One may argue that they get overlooked, but they are an integral part of an office’s stationery. They are the first thing the receiver see, be it a client or someone else. Custom Envelops Printing UK are, in other words, the first impression that you create.


There are many uses of envelops the foremost beingthe delivery of documents. An envelope can be used to mail someone a letter, and they can also be used to create awareness about any sale that you have going on. If you are a new company, you can spread the word about your business by distributing flyers and brochures that can be delivered in custom designed Envelops Printing London to create a more professional impression.

Envelops can also be used to send end of the year profit revenues and such important documents to your stakeholders. They can accompany any gift packages that you send to both your clients and employees for holidays.


A customized envelop features your company’s name, logo, and contact information on it. It also has a design or theme printed on it that captures the essence of your company. As we have previously mentioned that an envelope creates the first impression, so it must be attractive and it should also be recognizable.

For it to be recognizable, we at Get Instant Printing advise that you should customize it so that whenever the receiver sees the envelop they can easily recognize it as yours. This way you create a lasting impact on your customers.


There are two main categories of envelops that we offer for your office stationery. We have same designs available for both of the envelops as well. This way if you want both of these for your office stationery, then there can be a uniformity in the theme. The two categories are:


These are the most popular type of envelops that are used by offices all around. They can be used for personal correspondence and can also be used to deliver acceptance or rejection letters. They have the flap available on the longer side instead of the shorter one. Get Instant Printing offers a variety of commercial envelopes that you can choose from. We have many different designs, colors and fonts so that you can take your pick.


Our catalog envelops are mainly for delivering brochures or flyers. They have flaps present on the shorter end rather than the longer one and can be customized according to what you want. Get Instant Printing features white envelops with different colored themes as well as envelopes that are entirely made up of a singlecolor. There are many designs available on our website that you can choose from.


Get Instant Printing provides you with amazing eye catching designs to make your envelope stand out at an affordable rate so that you do not have to put a strain on your budget.


Our designs are one of a kind and will help you to create a long lasting first impression through the envelops. We have pre-designed templates available on our website that you can choose from and decide which one captures the essence of your company perfectly.


We use high quality material as we know how important the quality of the envelop should be seeing that its main job is to protect the inner contents. The material of envelops we provide do not tear easily and are made out of the best material available in the market.


For any company, a handful of envelops will not be required, rather a huge quantity would be needed. For this reason, we offer Color Envelops Printing UK wholesale rates so that you can get your required quantity printed but at the same time we make sure that you do not spend too much.


We want to make sure that you have the best experience with us as we want to create a long relationship with you. That is why we cater to your needs individually and our talented designerstailor the templates according to your wishes so that you leave as a happy customer.

In conclusion, be it any kind of Online Envelops printing service, Get Instant Printing offers a variety in each of those. We guide you throughout the process, from the start till the end.



Get Instant Printing has commercial as well as catalog envelops available in many designs at cheap and affordable rates.