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Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes

Quality Packaging Boxes With Cheap Prices


We provides a wide range of Custom Cardboard Printing both double wall and solitary wall cardboard boxes available in all sizes, for industrialized and store use as for use within the removal and moving industry or for your startup in UK. We also sell a comprehensive range of all types of cardboard boxes including removal kits, and cartons such as clothes boxes which are perfect for house moves and industrial stuff .

From standard small shipping boxes to modified cartons such as golf club boxes, Globe Packaging has all your trade move requires. A leading company in UK, make easier the production and delivery too, we are able to secure large discounts from corrugated converters and manufacturers due to the scale of production runs we can offer. For this reason, we are also able to offer bespoke sizes (made to size) at extremely competitive prices also the cardboard boxes as large as you required - simply contact us for a quote if you require this.


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Custom Cardboard Printing

The cardboard manufacturing process is relatively inexpensive. Compared to plastics and metals, cardboard packaging is superior financially because the production process is far more time competent. In the Kraft paper making process, the tree trunks are torn into small pieces and then those pieces are put into a lot digester. The process of gluing all takes place in the corrugators where it heats, glues, and presses the Kraft paper to finalize the product. The rest is specific to the exacting use the corrugated cardboard will be put to. The change from clump to wood fiber is depicted in a third of the rolls are used as the corrugating medium and the rest are used as liners, which are the non-corrugated Kraft sheets that are glued on each side of the corrugated Kraft sheet.