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Calendars may have lost some of their importance as they along with many other features are available on smartphones nowadays, but they are still used widely around the world. This is because if you use a calendar to make your schedule it stays in front of your eyes and you can easily keep track of what things to give less time to and which items to give more time to.

Get Instant printing offers you a service to get custom designed calendars suited to your requirement and in accordance with your preference. Many businesses send out calendars to not only their employees but also their clients.


Calendars are of a lot of importance as they can be used to prioritize the things that you have got to get done. They help you stay productive throughout the day and ensure that you follow through with your set goals.

Calendars are also a great way to make appointments and schedule meetings. They help you to find time to take out for leisure activities as well.

You can give out calendars to your employees to boost a better work ethic and encourage effective time management. You can also send these calendars to your customers as they are a great tool for not only marketing but also for creating a better relationship with your customers.


We mainly offer table calendars that you can easily place on your desk so that it stays in your view. Those are one of our best sellers and Get Instant Printing features many themes and customization options that you can use to personalize your table calendars.


Get Instant Printing features one of a kind designs for the calendars. We also ensure and maintain a high standard for the end result of the print whether it is the quote or the pictures. Our designers also provide one on one assistance in deciding the theme that you want for your calendars.

We offer the best rates and the best customer care service in the business. Get Instant Printing features good print quality so that the writing is clear and easy to read. We run it by you before sending it off to print.


We offer a wide array of designs that you can choose from. There are various font styles, sizes, and colors that we use which you can choose from according to what you like. Get Instant Printing also has many designs available on the website that you can choose from. We offer customization on the previously available designs so that you can add that personal touch.

We also print your company’s logo or tagline on the cover as well as on different leaflets of the calendar, according to what you like. Some of our designs offer a lot of empty space so that you can write down your appointments directly on it.

We guarantee that anyone who sees the calendars will surely ask you about them. Our designers take out time to especially customize our already available desings on our website for your personalization purpose and they are also committed to make new designs for your business.


The material that we use is of really great quality as we want to make our product long-lasting so that you can use a single calendar throughout your year without having to get into the hassle of a new one in case it tears.

We also offer many types of finishes for your calendars that you can choose from. If you like your calendar with a glossy or a matte one, we have both of these available for you.


We offer wholesale rates if you want to buy calendars in bulk at competitive market prices. We ensure that there are no discrepancies in the quality of printing in the calendars be it the writing or the pictures.

Get Instant Printing makes sure that all the calendars are uniform and have the perfect quality of print. We are present throughout the process to ensure that the final result is what you want.


The thing we value most is the feedback that we receive from our customers as your opinions and criticisms matter a lot to us. This is because we want to improve and make ourselves better. Get Instant Printing wants to create long-lasting relationships with its clients and we do our best to make sure you have an amazing experience with us.

If you choose Get Instant Printing for your calendars, you will notbe disappointed. Be it our unique designs or our prices, we vow to provide you good value for your money.



Get Instant printing features custom made calendars for your company in bulk quantity. Our designs, material, and printing are of great quality.